Minggu, 18 April 2010

Unforgettable Experience In My Life

One night in my life, October 14, 2009. I want to make changes in my life. Want to express a feeling that has been kept for a long time. To one person who could always make me crazy. With courage I send one message to him. I told him not to reply to my message before he knew the intent of the message. There was no reply that night, I do not know why. Maybe he was angry with me. Maybe he hates me. But I try to stay positive thinking, maybe he did not understand my message. Ouch..!

The next morning at school. I told everything to my friends. They give me encouragement. (Thanks to my friends). There's no sign he will reply to my message. I've already prepared with all what happened. In the last lesson, she had returned my message. But not the slightest mention my message last night. And he called me. Asking my whereabouts. He came to me. God, help me. Face to face with him. Oh, no..! Long time since I've never met him, and once met he asked my feelings to him. He told me that he did not understand the meaning of the word Aishiteru. Oh my God. He studied Japanese language right? But why did he not know? Whatever. When he asked the purpose my message last night, I could only smile and could not explain. How stupid of me! We both just shut up. Maybe he was bored with my attitude, he finally went away from me. (At the time I was grateful, I could still breathe so nervous). Finally he sent a message to me, asking for the actual intent. And finally I admitted that I loved him. And, thank God, she love me back. Finally we can share the joys and sorrows.

Storms ever to hit our small boat. Trivial problems that made me could not help my ego. I'm too childish and he's being pretentious adults. February 25, 2010, I decided to end our relationship that has been woven over 134 days. But we can only survive 10 days in solitude which is painful. March 7, 2010, which unites our love is returned. Thank God. I never could imagine how my life without him. Aishiteru, Pi ...

I am one wing and you are equally the other.

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  1. hallow....
    salam kenal ya, keep spirit 'n keep movin forward whatever happen, ok galz..
    tukeran link ya dek.. :)

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