Minggu, 18 April 2010

Unforgettable Experience In His Life

One night in my life, October 14, 2009. I got a message from my friend, my junior high school friend who had 2 this year we lost contact. And only days ago we began to establish communication again. The contents of that message made me unable to sleep. New this time there was a girl who would declare her feelings to me. Amazing. Really, it makes me float. I just do not understand one word, Aishiteru. Makes me more and could not sleep.

The next day at school, I asked here and there about the meaning of the word Aishiteru to my friends. Lucky they know. Finally all of my anxiety has missed. Makes my heart beat fast growing. Only I'm just too stupid. Why do not realize it at the beginning. I study Japanese right? But why I do not understand the meaning of the word Aishiteru? How stupid I am.

After school I called the girl. Asking existence. In the spirit of burning me to see the girl. No words were spoken from her mouth. Not the slightest mention of her message. The girl was actually busy with e-mails. It makes me ask, what's with this girl? Weird. With all the courage I asked about the message and the girl just smiled at me. No explanation that comes out of her mouth. Oh my God. Because chased time, finally I get home. Leave the girl. Because it is still curious about the girl's attitude, I finally sent a message to the girl. Asking actual intent. And then she admitted that she loved me. After the incident, then I knew that she had started writing about me in her diary since August 3, 2006. Amazing. Thank you for being part of my life.

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